Titanium Valves

X-Ti LLC manufactures valves from mil-spec certified titanium alloys used in the aerospace industry, and also from special heatproof titanium alloys which we employ for especially severe valve operating conditions.

X-Ti LLC technology enables us to produce titanium valves from a single blank without resorting to weld joints. Thanks to this we obtain the optimum structure of metal in the valve and this gives us an advantage over other manufacturers.

X-Ti LLC utilises PVD and CVD coatings as well as a traditional CrN and also new coatings which possess unique properties that are specially developed for titanium valves.

We produce titanium valves to any specification according to our clients’ requirements and ensure complete confidentiality.

The use of advanced technologies, high-precision equipment and modern control methods as well as X-Ti LLC’s unique experience of working with titanium alloys and our business ties with the leading research institutes result in the high quality and reliability of the valves we manufacture.

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